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In the book "Thirteen Reasons Why" the main character, Hannah Baker faces thirteen problems that shape her into the person she is now. These are some of the things that formed me into what I am today.

I believe that as time changes people change too. The person I am today is because of the positive and negative influences around me. These factors surrounded me when I was young, until now and will guide me into my future. The people around me influenced me greatly, but then I learned how to be self-reliant. My mother, she's the best example for this, she understood what I was saying long before I could even talk, my mother watched and supported me until my first steps, and with all this did I only learn how to love. Although she was the most influential role-model I had, my mother is not the only one in my family that helped me in my decisions. My three younger siblings taught me a great deal of patience, a virtue that's valuable and can be used to accomplish anything that I want. My teachers along the years gave me the knowledge I needed, but without the proper intentions and manners, that knowledge would only be plain, useless information. When times were difficult, these are the people I look up to. They helped me learn traits like perseverance, optimism, and courage, that will be necessary throughout my life. Friends, however are the main influence at this stage of my life. They teach me social skills; how to communicate, how to listen and most importantly,