13 reasons why Essay

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Diana DeWaard
Mrs. Ceres
Language Arts
12 November 2013

I read Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. This book was a real page turner, once you start you reading it, it's like you can't put it down. Personally, it was inspiring it help explains many teenagers lives, and what they may go through daily; it may be bullying, or plain suicide. The main character was Clay Jensen, and one day he gets a box full of thirteen tapes and map, with red stars; and he must go from start to finish. Once he listens to the first tape he recognizes its Hannah Baker, a girl he use to go to school with. At first Clay is confused, because each tape is directed to a person she went to school with. Each tape is different, every person is different. In her first tape she explains why these thirteen people get the tapes. She tells them that each person has a reason on why she ended her life, and that their name will pop up. They must listen to the tapes and pass on the tapes to the next person. Clay Jensen listens to each tape, listens closely to Hannah's voice and the reasons why she ended her life. Everyone's is different, obvisouley. Some are bad, and some are decent; others decieveful or a cry for help left unheard. First few lead to a rumour that just gets worse as it snowballs down the steep hill. Few are about Mr. Peeping Tom, a no-show date, fake friends, stolen items or personal properties, and maybe; just maybe a blameful truth for not saving a girl from a troublesome moment. Now the map, has 13 red stars placed on it. Each tape connects to a star, of the destination were the tapes are made for. A park, resturant, Peeping Tom's house, and just a few other houses. Clay follows these stars, from start to finish. Sounds like a goose chase, but wouldn't you like to get the visual of the tape, of the pefromance inside the recording of Hannah's voice. The quote I chose, was from Hannah's poem