1400-1830 Shapes Global History

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Common sense seems to dictate that history is about facts and stories from the past when in reality, there is much more to history than just facts and stories. In addition to history being about the typical assumption of facts and stories, it is also about human beings and human institutions, it is a discipline, as discussed in class, that takes facts of the past and shapes them into the future. That is why, this paper is going to examine how some of the most significant events and their outcomes from ca. 1400-1830 shapes global history. The paper will also explain why these events are the most significant from that era and how they collectively shape global history as well as the world today. While a number of events from ca. 1400-1830 made significant impact on global …show more content…
1400-1830 .
Christianity, at a point in time in history “was a religion largely limited to Europe at the beginning of the early modern era” (Strayer, Nelson, 2014). But today, Christianity is ranked as the world’s number one religion with more than 2.1 billion members all across the world (World religion, 2012). How did it happen? The early Europeans travelers included evangelizing on their motivation list along with colonizing and gaining wealth as they went about exploring the world. They were, for the most part, successful in using Christianity for their own advantage to control and oppress others for a period of time. But the story changed when they went to China because the Chinese authorities did not want the Jesuit missionaries to convert their people from Buddhism to Christianity. Therefore, their Emperor