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Start your diet by eliminating regular salt, sugar and Transfats, and add more fresh green leafy vegetables to your diet, as some of them are content with antioxidants. Few of them are: Thyme, Rosemary, and Oregano.
Here I am going to give you a list of Heart Healthy Foods. By placing these food options in your diet and eliminating all other unhealthy foods, you will not only get healthier every day and stay away from hospitals and doctor’s office bills, but for some of you out there it will help you get rid of those extra pounds of WEIGHT and the pile of FAT you carry around everywhere.

1. Black bean: Contains acid folic, antioxidant, magnesium and fiber. It helps control your cholesterol and helps reduce your blood sugar levels.

2. Fish (Salmon): Opulent with Omega-3s. Omega-3 helps regulate your heart beats and prevent your blood pressure to drop low. You should at least eat Salmon thrice a week to get the most benefit. You can always use Fish Oil supplements if you do not like to eat fish or can’t eat enough of them through the week.

3. Olive oil (Natural): Olive Oil extraction is the process of separating the oil from the fruit’s pit and pulp. It contains no additives or chemicals in it, not to mention it’s full of antioxidants and help with your vein’s health. The best replacement for all other transfats in your diet such as: Butter. Use olive oil for your salad dressing or if used for cooking, keep the heat low.

4. Walnut: A full fist of walnuts everyday helps lower your cholesterol. Walnuts contains: Omega-3, Natural fat, and Fiber. You can see health improvement when you replace chips, cupcakes, crackers, frozen food and all other junk food that are used as “snack” with walnuts.

5. Almonds: You can use almonds on your salad dressing, or mix it with your vegetables or just the raw form as snacks every day. Almonds are high in Fiber and helps reduce LDL (Bad cholesterol). You need to replace them with other fats in your diet. Remember, when it comes to nuts and good oil be cautious of your portion size because they are very high in calories.

6. Tofu: Rich in soy protein and contains minerals good for heart health. Very good source of protein for vegetarians. You can use Tofu in different forms and foods according to your test.

7. Fruits: Fiber, Potassium and vitamins are the main components and benefits of fruits. They help regulate your blood pressure and the high fiber content helps keeping you satiated and cleans your gut. A normal size orange has just 62 calories and 3g of fiber. An apple has only 77 calories and 2g of fiber.

8. Chard: Rich in potassium, magnesium and minerals that helps regulate blood sugar levels, prevent various kinds of cancer, helps digestion, boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, reduce heart disease, increase bone strength and many more benefits. One cup of raw chard has ONLY 7 calories.

9. Carrots: This crunchy and sweet vegetable help regulate your blood sugar levels and is beneficial in regulating your cholesterol because of its high fiber content.

10. Oats/Barley: You can replace either one with rice for lunch/dinner and with toast for breakfast. The fiber in barley/oats helps