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Business Studies – Preliminary Course
Assessment Task 1 – Nature of Business
Task Type: Oral Task
Weighting 20%
Date Due: 13th March 2015
This task will be marked out of 50 and counts 15% of your assessment total.
The task has two parts: Part A - Oral Presentation is worth 10%, Part B - Inquiry and Research written report is worth 10%
Outcomes to be assessed:
P 2.1: assesses the role, importance and interdependence of key business functions in the operation of a business
P 2.2: discusses the relationship between business planning and business operations
P 4.2: describes the internal and external factors contributing to the success of failure of business
P 5.2: plans and conducts an investigation into business to present the findings in an appropriate business format
P 5.3: communicates business information, ideas and issues, using relevant business terminology and concepts in appropriate forms

Part A: Oral Presentation (25 marks)

You are to investigate the Nature of Business by presenting a case study of a business in an oral presentation of no more than 5 minutes in length.

Part B: Written Report (25 marks)

You are required to submit a hard copy of your speech and include your research and relevant support information on your chosen business. This should be at least 500 words in length.

Your presentation and written report must include the following:

The name of the business, its prime function and its mission statement
The legal structure of the business (eg: Sole trader, Partnership, Private company etc)
Where the business is on the business life cycle
The role, importance and interdependence of key business functions in the operation of the chosen business (ie: Operations, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources)
The relationship between business planning and