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Critical Thinking

Problem or an issue?
How to express it?
O Is critical thinking important for children's

O Should elementary curriculum include critical thinking as a focus?
O Are children capable of critical thought?
O Does including critical thinking, take away from the standard lessons?

Methods to produce ideas to resolve this problem or issue:


 Promotes thinking and
 Reduces time given to reasoning ability other subjects
 Helps solve problems
 Difficult to teach in
 Encourages questions isolation  Challenges bias and false  Difficult to asset
 Helps understand complex information
 Creates active learners
(Walker, S. 2003)

Detecting bias in the research.
O Critical thinking works when taught

O Critical thinking utility in life outweighs it’s possible deficits.

Assumptions or errors in reasoning encountered:
O Critical thinking is effective in every

classroom, and amongst every style of learning Evaluating arguments in research. O Critical thinking is beneficial to a child's

education and should be implemented early on
Avoids the Issue of necessity, not benefit O Critical thinking is a vital tool, necessary for understanding and applying information throughout a child’s education

Questions asked to think critically about this topic:
O Is implementing critical thinking curriculum

O How is the curriculum to be taught?
O Will teaching critical thinking delay children in basic skill based knowledge.

Perceptual blocks that hinder your thinking:
O Stereotyping children's learning

O Conforming to the research

O Integrate critical thinking within

elementary curriculum as student engagement within diverse teaching styles and not as an isolated course.
O Teach students critical thinking across subjects O Develop an intermediary course before college (Schneider)

Approaches for communicating