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Introductory Paragraph: Two different Cultural integration is hardly to achieve. The generation of culture is a complicated process. It is influenced by nature, society and people. Different nationality have different value, and they often regard their culture as superior. at the same time, other cultures are also regarded as threat. As the culture spread and contact, the competition and confrontation are increasingly visible. Although some countries like Canada perform well in cultural fusion, people still keep some characteristics of their nationality. People with different values, beliefs and habits make the cultural fusion in an awkward position. thesis statement: People with different values, beliefs and habits make the cultural fusion in an awkward position
Body Paragraph #1 topic sentence Road to seek different incompatible”. Two kinds of different cultural values are almost cannot be fused, the conflict and estrangement between two cultures are hardly solved. main point It is because of this gap value brought various disasters such as the last century of the cold war..................... Even the Soviet Union and the West in history have cultural commonality, but it also caused such a big impact. Not to mention, the different values of the Oriental civilization. conclusion With the increasing of strength the Oriental civilization, will it possible to have another cold war?(yes)

Body Paragraph #2 topic sentence Two kinds of civilization could not merge because they believe in different religion main point: There are numerous kinds of religion, and they live in harmony, but some are not, they extreme exclusion of other religions... God's will to fruition. conclusion: Now the country like Canada is few, so it is difficult to merge