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Final Report

Micah Ecumenical Ministries

Fay Cowper, Amber Griffith, Emily Huegel, Rashaan Mateen, Sylvia Youssef


Table of Contents

Summary of the Organization………………………………………….page 1

Key Organizational Issues/Report Review……………………….page 2

1. Volunteer Documentation
2. Education and Awareness
3. Fundraising and Donor Basis
4. Community Give Day

Appendices/Works Cited………………………………………………page 13

Summary of Organization

180 Degrees Consulting has conducted a report on the non-profit organization, Micah Ecumenical Ministries, located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Micah is an organization focused on assisting the homelessness population in the local community through a general facility, a cold-shelter facility, and a newly implemented long-term counseling volunteer. The chronically homeless often face barriers such as mental health, disabilities, substance abuse, and loss of supportive relationships. These barriers limit their access to assistance resources. The ministry at Micah seeks to overcome such barriers by bringing the community together in a holistic approach to all of our neighbors’ needs.

Key Organizational Issues/Report Preview

This project was called into action in order to assist in a more concise, organized volunteer recruitment process, a knowledgeable action plan for the Community Give Day on May 5, and a thoughtful speech preparation to be given to local organizations in order to inform the community about the organization and homelessness and poverty. 180 Degrees Consulting hopes that it will assist Micah Ministries to broaden its volunteer base while recruiting through an application that will more effectively place its volunteers into effective and long-term roles. We hope to assist in creating a standardized, yet effective, speech and proposal to local organizations in order to gather prospective volunteers and donors in the local area. We hope to assist Micah in organizing government donor bases and informed decisions about requesting funding. Finally, we hope to shed light on effective tactics relating to the future Community Give Day in order to broaden its donor base and maximize its funding.

Volunteer Documentation

180 Degrees Consulting has edited the Volunteer Application and Information Packet for Micah Ministries, in order to create a more effective recruitment process for volunteers and a cohesive and concise education packet for the population of potential volunteers and local residents. The information materials can be found in the appendix for full document files, and the group will additionally distribute these materials with the final report. The Volunteer Application has been edited to create a more meaningful questionnaire to be utilized for placement within the organization. The information packet has been edited to create a more concise and meaningful description of homelessness and the goals and methods of Micah Ecumenical Ministries.

Education and Awareness

We suggest through this section that Micah Ecumenical Ministries create a greater and more significant presence within the Greater Fredericksburg Area in order to become a household name to the local community, recruit potential volunteers, raise awareness for the organization and homelessness, gather a wider donor base, and impact its mission to change the mindset surrounding homelessness and poverty.

Giving a Speech to Local Organizations
This report includes a sample of a presentation that could be utilizes by a volunteer speaker for Micah Ministries to be utilized during a community event, at a local University or school, or in a local organization’s weekly meeting. The PowerPoint presentation is available as a full file in the report’s appendix, and will be presented during the final report presentation. The presentation discusses aspects of Micah Ministries, as well as key points about homelessness and poverty.

Local Organization’s Contact Information