1812, the War Essay

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In June of 1812, a significant event in the history of what was then known as Upper and Lower Canada( now known as Canada) and the United States, the American government declared war upon Great Britain. The significance was for many reasons, it was primarily however that as neighbouring countries, it was the first and only time that the countries declared war against one another. The deciding factor for the Americans to declare war were impressment issues, being that American men were being forced by the British government to join the British Navy. The American government also thought it was an exceptionally beneficial time to attack and annex the British for they were already at war with Napoleon Bonaparte of France. Other factors that contributed to the war being declared. One was the blockades that the British instilled to prevent American ships from trading with Europe. The other was President James Madison led the congressional " War Hawks" to support his declaration of war upon the British.


America was a relatively young country who did not have a lot of respect or credibility in the world. Being brand new brought a lack of respect among foreign nations. This created major obstacles for America when dealing abroad with foreign affairs and foreign economy. Knowing this lack of respect from around the world, America felt empowered by this and assumed the duty to prove they were not a country to be brushed aside and forgotten. As a nation, this thought spread throughout, this strong need to defend its name, as a great deal of nationalism arose in America