18th Century Turning Points In U Essay

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18th century turning points in U.S. History
1. The French and Indian War contributed to the 13 colonies revolting against the British crown 13 years later due to the way the rules were laid against the favor of the colonists and the military might the colonists displayed. The British sent troupes to protect their colonial investments, with significant help from colonial militia. Though the British and colonies eventually won, the colonies displayed their ability to defend themselves and the premise of colonial autonomy. This would later show up as the colonies showed they not only needed but could have their independence. Not only did this war demonstrate the issues of their relationship, when the French left the western frontier and Britain forbade the colonists from passing a designated line and proceeded to tax the colonists for the war Britain had financed, colonists were given strong incentive to break ties with Britain.
2. The Albany Plan of Union would be a precursor to the federal government the colonies would later adopt. Aspects like representatives, general taxing for colonial needs, and an executive (President/General) would all be incorporated in and after the War of Independence.
3. The Iron Act was intended to cripple the manufacturing of finished iron goods from the colonies. By making it expensive to export these goods, the crown hoped to maintain the colonies in a state of dependence to Britain. By doing this, they could continue to make profit off of the colonies.
4. During the first Great Awakening there were several significant changes that began to affect the colonies. As a more