1906 Earthquake In China

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Chnatown outside of Asia, but also the Oldest of its ind in North America. Although, it was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake, it was rebuilt entirely in different style. While visiting the Chinatown, you get to see the beauty of the Chinese culture. There are so many temples, workshops, theaters, teahouses, souvenir shops, and eve traditional pharmacies. If you are lucky to pass this place during the Chinese New year celebration, then you be ready to be amazed. The Chinese New Year celebration of this Chinatown are considered to be the best in the United States.

Golden Gate Park
This amazing green space sits in the heart of San Francisco. It is home to lots of museums and gardens. This was once an area of arid duns before it was developed to what we see today. The park has a network of cycling paths and waling trails. There are more than 5,000 different species of plants in this area. It is also home to several lakes, and even a bull paddock. The main attractions in this place includes an aquarium, a Japanese teahouse, and so much more. This place is perfect for picnics and complete relaxations.
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This museum was a gift by philanthropist and a patron of the arts Alma debBretteville Spreckels. This museum has a wonderful collection of European arts, paintings, and sculptures, along with antiques from the Mediterranean. This museum is located in Lincoln Park, a large area of green space. Visitors can relax in Lincoln Park after a long tour of the museum. For those seeing a more adventurous experience, the Land’s end Trail is close to this