1920 Essay

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In the 10920s a lot of social issues changed because the world was changing quickly and the people back then changed the perception of the good things and the bad things. The US started to look in some way how it looks today. But also there were a lot of different things that we have improve or change nowadays. In one hand, there are a lot of similar issues between the world in 1920s and now. The women started to fight for their rights and then still fighting for them today. There were different social groups as we have today, differentiated by their race, gender... The people in the cities started to think about some things like sex, alcohol, drugs, and homosexuality in a more liberal way. The people also started to discuss seriously about human origins, the idea of the Evolution started. Although our technology is better nowadays, they improved a lot in the 1920s. Also, at the end of the 1920s decade there was an economic recession, like our economic recession today. In the other hand, the economy was in a boom during the 1920s (before to the recession at the end of the decade) and now our economy is not really good. Also, alcohol drinks were illegal in that time, but now they are legal. The world is more interconnected nowadays than before thanks to the phones and the internet. The flappers were shocking in that time, because they used to wear short skirts, make up and bobbed hair. Now, this characteristics are are perceived as normal. The US citizens didn't like