Chicago Film Analysis

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Roman, O Throughout American history, it is well known that if someone has a strong affection for something anything can happen. People will go as far as they need to for something they have to overcome no matter the circumstance. Although sometimes that comes with punishment some people nowadays do not care at all. Even though many reckless people live in the world of today there live people who desperately do something without bad intentions, but they still get the blame. Many people who do not have the correct intentions on doing something do not get blamed at all. In the movie Chicago, the costumes contribute to the idea of corruptness during the jazz age of the 1920’s To begin with, women in the 1920’s took a major role in this corruptness. For example, women began to change their overall look to get material benefits from admirers or lovers. Starting with their clothing, they began to wear more revealing clothes that showed off their assets to a maximum. One of those pieces of clothing was their dresses; they became much shorter on the length, and showed a lot of cleavage in the upper body area. This hypnotized men into providing many material pleasures to the ladies of the 1920’s without it being necessary showing the 1920’s was a putrid time to live in. Additionally, people began doing and offering many illegal favors for the people in need. To illustrate, people who had a lot of power and influence on others would offer their power and influence for a certain price. That price obviously came in the form of money or by the person in need doing a gigantic favor for the other that had all the power. This further created the idea that the 1920’s had no morals in the time of need. In addition to doing illegal favors in the 1920’s, men became majorly rotten characters. They saw women only as a