1920s Flappers Essay

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Flappers Influence Freedom
In the 1920s, a time when social reform was everywhere, women became determined to reinvent themselves. This was a result of the 19th amendment, as it provoked women’s independence through suffrage. This new freedom became apparent in the form of rebellion. During this era, many women disowned the traditional dress code for the more scandalous look associated with flappers. With the puritanical Victorian Age serving as a precursor, the 20s became the era for hope and celebration for women. The most brazen women in the 1920s took on the appearance and behavior of a flapper, expressed by the promiscuous ways they dressed and the immoral activities they pursued (Pearce). The flappers influenced women’s freedom all
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American authors translated the word into a term that venerated the vigorous spirit in the post war decade. The flapper grabbed attention from everyone in the room. Perhaps it was because of how daring she looked. Traditionally, women would wear their hair in the middle of their back, however, flappers would keep theirs short, never going past their shoulders. The bobby pin was created to keep the flappers tiny curls in place. Some flappers even began using electric curling irons to create small waves. Hemlines rose to the knee, which dramatically changed from the traditional hemline at the ankle. Several states even fined women if their skirt length rose farther than three inches above the ankle. Certain women thought this to be a completely disgraceful, while other women adored the brazen flapper. The number of women who wore makeup began to grow, in a startling and dramatic manner. Another trend that started was flattening their chest with long pieces of cloth, and to wear high heels. All of the trends set in this time were just an effort to make themselves appear young. Clara Bow was known for being a flapper. The Editors of Time stated that “She bathed in perfume and refused to hire a chauffeur because no one would drive fast enough”. She was the ideal flapper, from the looks to the attitude (Time-Life