1933 To 1939 Dbq

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By examining the issue of employment, this was one of the reasons why so few Jews were admitted into Canada in 1933 to 1939. A lot of them faced unemployment from companies such as chartered banks, trust companies, and insurance companies. They were employed at places such as butcher shops which was insulting to their cultural beliefs and Canada wanted to take care of its fellow citizens before taking care of others.

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Topic Sentence:
In addition, there were so many individuals who protested against the Jewish refugees, which had a huge impact on why Canada admitted so few Jews in 1933 to 1939. People thought that being hurt by your own country was not anyone else’s problem, so they shouldn’t come running for help. Canada also wanted self - preservation and they thought that Jews did not have
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Point #1 Analysis:
As seen in the document other countries should not place their internal difficulties with another country because they are not there to solve it. And this is exactly what the individuals were protesting about.

Point #2 Argument:
Protesting also led to many individuals wanting self - preservation. La Societe St-Jean Baptiste of the Quebec diocese, had signatures of 127, 364 people who were strongly against all immigration especially the Jews. They wanted to protect their Christian religion and French culture, and this was only possible if they did not admit any Jews into Canada at the time. The petition, House of Commons Debates, Monday, January 30, 1939, states,

Point #2 Evidence:
“Petition of La Societe St-Jean-Baptiste Protesting Against All Immigration...with all the energy inspired by the instinct of self-preservation [of Christian religion and French culture] that we maintain a rigorous policy of forbidding immigration”, (Document, 8).

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