1980 S Project Essay

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1980’s project

Sports: miracle on ice

pete rose banned for life Mike Tyson destroys Michael Spinks in 91 seconds in

1988 heavyweight title fight

Electronics and Video Games:
Home consoles overtake arcades
Video game crash of 1982
Fall of Atari
Sega(Master) vs Nintendo(NES)
PacMan(Larges Arcade title), Super Mario(set off NES),
Tetris(Best selling all time), Punch Out(references to real world), ET(Led to crash), zorlock(
) http://www.museumofplay.org/ wikipedia

MOOPIC: spotify journey john assassination Girls on film: increasing acceptance of pornography and open sexuality http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/80smusic.html notes: top gun
● music (danger zone) represents america bad ass spirit. loose restrictions, PG (bad language, sex jokes, lots of drinking, )
● GUNS.. SEX!!!! mave­rick did the skiddily­poo
● Aspirations to become the best
● American Dream (cougar­ getting home)
● Watching for Soviet planes, not actually at war­preparing ● References to Vietnam: fresh, but not too fresh
● Keeping up foreign relations with USSR = offensive gestures ● USSR referred to as “The Enemy”
● Only Americans have faces­ dehumanizing the enemy
● Sexual openness
● Implied homosexuality, Rise of LGBT movement as a result of AIDS epidemic in 80s, (Peaches’ Gaydar off the charts [“With a girl this time, volleyball montage,
“Whose side are you on?”])
● Led to rise in Navy recruitment
● White