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In the 1980s there was much happening of racial discrimination, not just in New Zealand but all over the world. And especially in New Zealand, the majority of whites had a lack of respect for the Maori, its language and cultural traditions. Because of this, there were occurrences of many protests and riots.
Conflicts between Maori activists, their supporters and the government over land ownership became aggressive and the fight for rights was a struggle. Protesters occupied Bastion Point in Auckland on January 1977 after the government announced a housing development on former Maori’s land. However the year after, the government grew impatient and sent in a big force of police and army to throw out the occupiers. Over two hundred were arrested and their meeting houses, gardens and buildings were demolished. Ten years later, following the Waitangi Tribunal inquiry and recommendations, much of the land was returned. To give influence to the people, Bob Marley, who was a famous Jamaican singer, held a concert in New Zealand to encourage Maori and Pacific Islanders to stand up for their rights and not give up.
On 7 December 1984 a free rock concert in Aotea Square was held with DD Smash performing. It was originally to celebrate the end of year but things turned ugly during a power cut when the crowd began throwing bottles. There were several arrests and police asked for