1984 By George Orwell Analysis

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The novel 1984 , written by George Orwell, discusses how Winston tries to escape Big Brother’s tyranny. He does it in his own mind but then writes it down in a diary which is punishable by death. If he were to try to do anything out there within the human population it would be an impossible task to complete seeing as though there are telescreens everywhere. Such as in his own home, in his cubicle at work, in the cafeteria where he eats, even in the bathroom stalls. No place is safe for him to do anything to escape Big Brother because he is constantly being watched. It can be connected to today's society because our every move is being watched by the government. The government has been tracking each and every single one of our moves by using a tracking device that is installed our phone they even listen in on our conversations on the phone. The modern world is very close to how the world works in George Orwell’s 1984 interpretation.

Since Big Brother had to keep its citizens under control, they had to use technology and
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That’s My Tracker and the modern world as of today is the technology that is being used. For example similarities between the article and the modern society is how they use cellular technology. For example in the article it says, “It is a tracking device that happens to make calls. Let’s stop calling them phones. They are trackers.” This quote explains how the cellphones used for today’s society is actually the government tracking our every move. They know how frequently we visit a certain place and for how long. Today we aren’t fully aware of being tracked but we are. Another example is, “It appears that millions of cellphone users have been swept up in government surveillance of their calls and where they made them from.” This quote explains how the technology used by the government is listening to our phone calls. They listen in on our conversations to keep the public “safe” from any