1984 Essay

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Nicole Chheda
Mrs. Zavacki
English 10 Seminar-3
22 October 2013
Irony of Orwell’s Novel, 1984
Even though Orwell’s dystopian novel, 198,4 was written in the late 40’s, the resemblance of their privacy, perpetual war and altered language methods seem to resemble modern day society. Orwell’s famous novel relates to our present day world in various ways. Based on many different circumstances, it remains hard to distinguish what Orwell’s true purpose was for writing this book. The thought of the novel being truly fiction still lingers as contradicting.
While we think that social media such as Facebook and Twitter make up a major part of everyday lives, no one knows exactly what occurs while we continue to use them. These Internet established websites all share something mutual: they document and watch your every move. In Orwell’s novel, Winston wakes up every morning to a telescreen placed in his house, which continuously listens and watches his every move. “The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously. Any sound that Winston made, above the level of a low whisper, would be picked up by it… (Orwell 3)”, this quote allows readers to understand how nothing remained a secret. Everything from what Winston did inside his house, or even in his bathroom, was quietly monitored second by second. A question the United States should ask themselves is whether the social media today purposely shows resemblance to the telescreens in 1984, or an example of coincidence. Comparable to telescreens; the Internet offers no secrecy regarding ones personal life. For example: Now, on any typical day, your friend may decide to take a funny picture of you without your consent and post it on Facebook. Immediately, all your friends can access this photo, and have the option of sharing it. Eventually, that picture can show up by just googling your name. Not only will this permit people to attach a face to your name, but also hold the capability of harming you depending on the content of the photo. If you plan on going to a respected college, the admissions office sometimes will try to obtain extended information about your past, and might come across old inappropriate pictures involving your presence. This affects your admission to the college and any potential colleges you might look into. In today’s civilization, privacy does not cease to exist any longer. Unfortunately, you cannot constantly monitor all the social media networks to verify you do not appear on them without your authorization. Adding to that, anything put up via The Internet immediately gets stored and saved permanently. Also, anything involved with the Internet lingers unprotected and can fall into anyone’s hands. This means any inapt messages, pictures or actions hold the capability to attain.
Anyone with a cellphone of some kind knows how difficult it remains to text full, properly grammatical sentences. Texting lingo is used daily to