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Zach Duvall

Reading Journal: 1984. The book
1984 by George Orwell makes me feel lucky to have the ability to have

freedom that isn't skewed or twisted by anything. It makes me appreciate that I can see clearly what is going on in my life and my mind isn't altered by the consequences of a dystopian lifestyle run by a totalitarian regime. In my heart I know that I'm lucky to have the ability to think freely. In my spirit I feel confident that having a free democracy and being able to see what might happen in a lifestyle controlled by a dictator. Also in my mind it makes me feel as if what would I do if I lived in this dystopian lifestyle, how would I survive would I be drawn into the mass brainwash or would I question authority almost on a daily basis like Winston. Would I be strong if I did question it to hide how I felt and in my mind I have difficult times not having a little amount of fear. On the senses I really don't have a feeling while reading this book it mostly happens in my mind in my imagination so it doesn't have an effect on my senses. What this book so far has opened for me is the ability to have a view into a worse way of living. It opens my eyes to the fact that in this lifestyle every view, movement, thought, word is listened too and observed. It does this because of Orwell's ability to imagine a world like this partly because it has happened and is happening in history with examples like the Soviet Union and North Korea. This book although set in a dystopian world run