1984 Manipulation Essay

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In the novel 1984, George Orwell narrates the story of a man named Winston Smith, who lives in a society where manipulation is common by the main leader of Oceania named Big Brother. The concept of Manipulation is making a person or a group of people think differently from what the person initially thinks. The main leader, Big Brother’s main priority is to get the power that the citizens of Oceania have and have it for his own benefit. By manipulating his people is he able to gain this power quicker. The people are oblivious of what he is doing and what he says. Throughout the novel one can tell that manipulation is shown in three different ways, the relationship between Big Brother and Winston, Big Brother and the proles, and Winston and …show more content…
Before Winston and Julia go to the ministry of love, when they were in Mr.Charrington’s room Winston says to Julia “I don’t mean confessing. Confession is not betrayal. What you say or do doesn’t matter; only feelings matter” (Orwell 166). But with O’Brien manipulation of Winston into thinking that if Julia can betray you, who else could since she is the woman Winston loves. With this in Winston’s mind, he knows either way he will suffer so Winston then says “Do it to Julia! Do it to Julia! Not me! Julia!, I don’t care what you do to her” (Orwell 286). The idea of betrayal did not ruin their relationship, they knew this would happen. Rather Big Brother using fear to manipulate Winston into taking the first step of ending Winston and Julia relationship emotionally. Winston hurts Julia by not telling everything they did together but by destroying their trust in their love. In conclusion, Manipulation can be seen in three different ways the relationship between Big Brother and Winston, Big Brother and the proles, and Winston and Julia. Manipulation also breaks down trust, love, and knowledge. Manipulation by Big Brother is done on a large scale by Oceania. Big Brother manipulates Winston through the mind. Big Brother manipulates the proles through their actions. And Big Brother manipulates Winston and Julia through straining their relationship. The reason why Big Brother does this is to have complete control over the citizens of Oceania in an indirect