1984: Nineteen Eighty-four and Book Essay

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After reading the book 1984 which was assigned to me in my literature class in high school I found reading more enjoyable and encouraged to read books more often. I was also able to take examples and situations from the book and relate them to real world situations causing them to act as an early warning to me despite being in a fictional book due to its realism and relationship to what is happening in real life. The different phrases and hidden meanings gave me a better perception of intellectual phrases and grouping of words allowing me to interpret different sentences and phrase in multiple ways to decipher hidden meanings and expand my vocabulary. Reading 1984 encouraged me to read more books in general because of how interesting it was and how it related to movies that I’ve seen. The actions that occurred were explained very well and George Orwell did an excellent job vividly portraying his story to help me paint a picture in my mind of what was going on. It was almost like watching a really long movie in my head that was subject to change depending how I interpreted what I read or how I imagined it. Reading this book made me want to read more books in the same genre. I usually despise reading books due to the fact that they are clunky items filled with bland looking paper and ink. Initially they are not visually appealing as you must read them to find out what they are about and picture what’s going on in your head. 1984 has made me more opened to taking the time to actually open a book and read it till I know what it’s about and if I like it or not instead of just initially throwing it to the side and not even making an attempt. Reading 1984 allowed me to make connections from scenarios in the book to events occurring in real life. To me 1984 functions somewhat like a warning system for what may be coming in the future. In 1984 the totalitarian government essentially strips its people of freedom and is always watching them through the use of tracking devices and cameras along with watchers on the streets. “Orwell gives us a drab, empty, over-politicized world.” –James Topham In some parts of the United States today schools are trying to get students to have to wear RFID trackers to monitor their locations at all times even outside school. A student was punished at school for misbehaving at home and the school found this out because of the relayed pictures his school issued laptop automatically takes every few seconds regardless of where he is at the time. To me things like this regarding “Big Brother” are coming true and looking how it ended up in 1984 easily depicts how things could be in the near future. Even though it’s just a book, it’s a book based on possible real life events. As with reading all higher level literary works my ability to analyze and decipher different figures of speech,