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Plot Summary
Winston Smith is a low-ranking member of the ruling party in London, in the nation of Oceania. The party keeps an eye on Winston wherever he goes even at his bed. The party controls Oceania even the history and the language of the people living there. The Party is in the process of making an inventive language called “Newspeak” which erases all the words related to political rebellion. Winston dislikes the Party, so he bought a diary to write his criminal thoughts. Winston works in the Ministry of Truth where he changes historical records to fit the needs of the Party. He gets very suspicious of the party’s control of history. The party also claims that Emmanuel Goldstein to be the leader of the Brotherhood and that he is the most dangerous person alive. Winston falls in love with a girl named “Julia” and they begin a secret affair. They rented a room above Mr.Charrington’s store where Winston bought the diary from. Both Winston and Julia hate the party and begins to question it and their hatred towards the Party increases. Winston afterwards receives a message which he has waiting for which was, O’Brien wanted to see him. When they went to O’Brien (inner party member) O’Brien confirms to Winston and Julia that he is a member of the Brotherhood. He introduces Winston and Julia to the Brotherhood and gives Winston a copy of Emmanuel Goldstein’s book. As they were reading the book, soldiers came into their room and seized them. Mr. Charrington was revealed as being the member of the Thought Police. Winston and Julia were taken to Ministry of Love. Over there Winston found out that even O’Brien was a spy of the Party, who earlier pretended to be a member of the Brotherhood. O’Brien took months torturing and brainwashing Winston. At last O’Brien sent Winston to the dreaded (fearful) room 101. There O’Brien forced Winston to face his own fear. Winston has had nightmares about rats. So now O’Brien attached a cage full of rats in front of Winston and he prepared the rats to eat his face. Winston was crying with fear and he told O’Brien to do it to Julia instead and not to him. Giving up Julia is what O’Brien wanted from Winston. Winston was then released to the outside world. He has then accepted the party and has learned to love Big Brother.
Setting and Characterization

1984 London, England (known as “Airstrip One” in the novel’s reality)

Winston Smith--- The protagonist of the novel. He is a thin, frail person with a varicose ulcer in his ankle. He is 39 years old. He is a minor member of the ruling party. He works in the Ministry of Truth, altering past publications to suit the party. He hates the party.

Julia--- She is a 26 years old party member working the Fiction Department of the Ministry of Truth. Julia also secretly hates the party. But accepts its rule over her and therefore outwardly appears to be zealously devoted to the party. She starts an affair with Winston. Later arrested with Winston and tortured in Ministry of Love. After release she dislikes Winston. Gains true love for the party.

O’Brien--- He is a prominent inner party member. O’Brien is a large, graceful, and clearly intelligent. He makes Winton believe that he is a member of the Brotherhood, But in fact helps turn Winston in for the Thought Crime. He tortures and brainwashes Winston in the Ministry of Love.

Big Brother--- He is the symbol and leader of the Party in Oceania. He is Omnipresent through telescreens, coins, and large posters warning “Big Brother Is Watching you”

Mr. Charrington--- He is the owner of the Antique shop where Winston first bought his diary. Winston rented the room above his shop for the love affair. Mr. Charrington appeared to be a kind old man. But rather he was spying at Winston and Julia from the hidden telescreen. Afterwards he reveals that he is a member of the Thought Police.

Ampleforth--- He works in the Ministry of Truth in the Records Department. He re-writes politically