1984 Vs. Today

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Shelby Buffum
8 Jan 2015
English 10
1984 vs. Today
The book 1984 might not be so different than recent times today are let's take a look at some of the events that are similar to our government and the Party. Is Big
Brother Real? Are they spying on us like the thought police? All these questions and more will be answered.
In the past year we have learned a lot about what our government has been doing with what we thought was our privacy. Just like in 1984 when Big Brother has the Telescreen to monitor your moves and make sure you are acting acceptable. The
National Security Agency (NSA) is able to do wiretaps, monitor your social media pages, look at your google searches, but these action aren't through telescreens like in the book. (
"4 Predictions From Orwell's '1984' )
These telescreens are portable and you carry them wherever you go, they are called smart phones. These things we have willingly paid for ourselves and almost never shut them off are letting the government into our so called "privacy". Obama said the population would have to just trust and believe him, just like the Party did to all of the citizens make them believe in false statements and accusations. They would only let the people hear what the government wanted them to hear nothing more. (
"It's like 1984 All over Again." )
Winston recalls in the book that there seems to be a never ending war, one week they would be at war with Eastasia and allies with Eurasia, then the next week it

would be the opposite allies with Eastasia and enemies with Eurasia. The United States keeps getting involved with more conflict, one right after another. In the past years the
United States has left Iraq but has gotten involved in more of the conflict in Syria, and
Liberia. (
'1984' Today)
In conclusion the Party and the United States government has some similarities but, to my knowledge the United States government uses their power to stop terrorist and hardcore criminals not just to spy on the general public. They put all this