1984 Vs Us Government Essay

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United States Government vs. 1984
In George Orwell’s novel 1984 Orwell, the author employs diction to demonstrate how the world would be if it had a communist based government. Where people have no thoughts of their own or have no choices in the decisions they make. It depicts the situation that was occurring at the moment in real life. With the start of Hitler's reign and the possibility of what could happen if it were to happen. There are noticeable differences from the government in the book and the government in real life. One comparison of Orwell’s 1984 and the United States government is that both have different branches of the government that handle different responsibilities, and two, differences is the total control that Big Brother
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government can have anything similarities to the government in the novel 1984. Orwell made sure that that the book still had some elements of the government so the book is not so far fetched. One way he did was by diving the government into section that are in charge of different jobs. For example the U.S. government is divided into three sections the Judicial, Executive, and Legislative branch. While the government in 1984 is divided between the Ministry of Love, Ministry of Plenty, Ministry of Truth, and Ministry of Peace. Each branch has their own job the Executive branch is in charge of implementing and enforcing the laws. Which is similar to the Ministry of Love that deals with enforcing the laws and punishing the people that break the law. Orwell showed the similarities that both government had. It also shows the differences between the sections of government. The Ministry of Truth alters the news so Big Brother is never wrong. While the Ministry of Peace deals with war affairs, and the Ministry of Plenty is in charge of rationing food and other objectives: shoes, and clothing. The U.S. government has different jobs such as the Legislative branch is in charge of making the laws which the people live by, and the Judicial branch makes sure the laws are constitutional and do not violate the people’s personal