1989 Philippine Coup Attempt Essay

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A coup attempt is a sudden urge to violently overthrow an existing government. In 1989 that is exactly what happened in the Philippines. Colonel Gregorio Honassan brought upward of 3,000 troops to organize multiple attacks on Camp Crame, Camp Aquinaldo, Fort Bonifacio, Cavite Naval Base, Villamor Air Base, and on Malacanon Palace. Aquino was not hurt in this attempted assault, mostly because of the US involvement. On the outside the Philippines had seemed to recover from this coup attempted almost succeeding. The Philippine government was able to capture the main leaders of this attempt, but the threat of a military rebellion was still in affect with the rebel officers on the run. President Aquino found it necessary to request the United States support to put down this rebellion, the support included air support and two aircraft carriers stationed off the Philippines. In December 1989 the USS Enterprise participated in Operation Classic resolve which was President Bush's response to Aquino request for help. Aquino really wanted air support during the rebel coup and that is what she got. Aquino declared that there was two options surrender or die, and that was the beginning of war. The United States supported the Aquino government by sending multiple fighter planes and aircraft carries. President Aquino formed the Fact-Finding Commission to review and serve a full report on the coup attempts against her. December 6th, 1991, the U.S. Was informed they had exactly one year to complete withdrawal from the Philippines. The United States spent more that $1.3 billion in the Philippines. Overall the decision made by the U.S. Was a