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According to Christian philosophy, what is the basic purpose of everyone’s life?
According to Christian philosophy, everybody has a reason or purpose. The idea is that God had a predetermined plan for everyone’s lives which is called God’s will. Each person was born for a special reason and God has decided their vocation.

(a) Outline the Catholic understanding of work, employment and vocation. Work is not only paid employment but includes any way that a human being participates in God’s creative activity even the most ordinary everyday activities.Paid employment is working for an income. Paid employment often requires skill which can be gained by study and practice. Vocation is the life-calling of every person and is created in everyone by God. It includes work, personal growth and development, career and maybe marriage.

(b) Explain (with examples) how a person’s “vocation” can be different from their job.
Vocation is a life-calling that is much broader than a job and over a lifetime can include many jobs or none at all. Somebody could have a religious vocation which could include jobs like priesthood or nunnery and also going to help the poor in other countries.

List examples of how people might be considered as participating in God’s creative activity
People might be considered as participating in God’s creative activity by caring for the world by sustaining, developing and perfecting it,

Explain the basic Christian vocation for all baptised people.

How are “salvation” and “repentance” related ?

(a) List three vocations different people might have.
(b) List three vocations one person might experience in their life time.

(a) Outline the basic Christian lifestyles?
(b) Outline the Sacraments given to us by Jesus to help us draw on the power of the Kingdom.
(c) What must people do in order to accept the power of God’s Kingdom (Christian Salvation)

Give an example of how people might participate in God’s creative activity in each of the following areas.
In society
In families
In individuals
In the world

According to Christian belief,
(a) state one thing that heaven and hell have in common.
(b) state two things that are different between heaven and hell.
(c) state one thing that is different between purgatory and hell.

Outline the three tradition roles played by Jesus in his mission.

When do we celebrate (a) All Saints Day? (b) All Souls Day?

What are the two purposes for marriage as recognised by the Church?

What does Jesus offer married people to strengthen/guide them in their relationship

What are some differences between a priest and a married person in terms of their relationships and what work they might do.

Name four spiritual gifts that Jesus gave his apostles.

What would a person do for them to be described as a prophet?

(a) Jesus instituted the Sacrament of Holy Orders which today consists of three orders, or ranks.
(b) Name and explain how each one fulfil their role.

What can an “ordained priest” do that a “deacon” cannot ?

(a) Who appointed the apostles ?
(b) Name them
(c) What…