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1c Personal statement about what you know about learning and teaching
(15%) with references (Due: Monday week 2 of break 20th April, 11pm)

You have applied to a school for your first teaching job and have just received an email to say that you have been selected for an interview. You have been asked to prepare a statement of no more than 750 words in which you state your personal philosophy of teaching and how it relates to how students learn.
When you check the school website you notice that it has is a strong emphasis on fostering students’ development, catering to diversity, stimulating deep thinking, developing intelligence and creativity, and promoting positive affective development. You remember that you covered these things in the topic Learning Development and Teaching so your notes and text books might be helpful. When you think about it you remember that there are professional standards for teaching that discuss these things (AITSL). The South Australian TfEL (Teaching for Effective Learning) document also discusses these ideas so that might be helpful as well.
You decide to write a clear statement of your teaching philosophy and include references to really impress the interview panel.
What I know about how students learn and what this means for how I will teach them Assessment criteria

Poor / Prestructural
Developing/ Unistructural
Functional/ Mutistructural
Proficient / Relational
Advanced/ Extended abstract
Statement about teaching and its