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1DAIT Revision Questions and Topics.
What is a Wiki? Provide five reasons. a website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users able to be used by the public multiple authors updated by the public edited by a group/team contains links to other web pages
What is a Blog? Provide five reasons.
A personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.
Updated daily, weekly.
Has one author
Personal diary entry for others to read
Opinion sharing
Author posts, user comments
Name five different types of social media and there features.
Facebook: Able to communicate with people all over the world, in a click of a button, upload photos, status’ and videos for all your friends to see
Tumblr: reblog photos to suit your personal blog and what you like
Twitter: upload different status (tweets) about what you’re doing at the time
Myspace: posting, messaging, adding friends
Bebo: posting, messaging adding friends
Explain what is meant by the term; disk defragmenter and provide a scenario as to why you would need to do this.
Why is it important to back up files? Name three separate ways to back up data.
It is important to back up files just incase something happens and then you lose everything, at least you have another space where all your files are. Three ways to back up data can be, USB’S, hard drives or backing it up onto another computer/laptop.
Name three different types of antivirus software used for Windows.
Why is it important to have Antivirus software installed on your computer? List five.
So you don’t get virus’ on your computer
To keep your computer safe
Protection from spam
Protection from piracy
Protection from identity theft
What is a server?
Servers are computer programs running to serve the requests of other programs, the clients
What is a switch?
A device on a computer which physically connect devices together
.What is the role/purpose of a firewall? A Firewall is designed to restrict access to a network by selectively allowing or blocking inbound traffic to the network. It can also control abound traffic from a user or a program
What is malware? software which is specifically designed to disrupt or damage a computer system.
What is the role of a spybot?
To keep your computer device as safe as possible form any viruses etc.
What does VPN stand for? What is its role?
Virtual Private Network. It is a private network which uses another network which is public (usually the internet) to connect multiple users. Users are able to connect to the private network from a public network without sacrificing security concerns.
Name two types of router. wireless wired
Explain what 4G is. a mobile communications standard intended to replace 3G, allowing wireless Internet access at a much higher speed.
What does LAN stand for?
Local area network
Name four different types of Bluetooth devices.