1st Bull Run Manassas Essay

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Camara, Clarissa
May 1st, 2014
Period 3

1st Bull Run (Manassas) In this essay, I will be talking about the 1st Bull Run aka Manassas, but this isnt just an ordinary war. This is one of the most major battles that led into the Civil War. I will be discussing on how this is an important battle and what had happened in it.
At the beginning of the war in 1861, “Bull Run” took place between Washington DC and
Richmond, Virginia (the capital of the CSA). The war started on July 21st when the Union army assaulted the Confederates. And believe it or not, so sure the Union would win, politicians and elites came to the battlefield to watch the battle take place. Some of the important commanding figures in this battle were: Abraham Lincoln ­ Union President, Jefferson Davis ­ Confederate
President, Irvin McDowell ­ Union Commanding General for Campaign, Joseph Johnston ­
Confederate Commanding General and PGT (Pierre Gustavetoutant) Beauregard ­ also
Confederate Commanding General. This battle was believed to end within three months and possibly be the only battle but they were wrong…
This battle was the first of many to come actually and both sides had different goals and strategies. The
Unions plan was to capture Richmond so that the
Confederacy would surrender and to overwhelm
Confederate Forces with superior numbers. On the other side, the Confederates’ goal was to break away and form a separate government, to be independant. Their plan wasnt to outnumber Union but something else. As for why this battle was so important, it was a wake up call to the North that the war wasnt going to be an easy victory. And an indication that it would be a long, bloody war and would require a lot more strategizing and leadership. The battle started with 39,000 in the Union and 21,000 in the Confederacy and ended with 29,000 Union casualties and 2,000 Confederate casualties.