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Nowadays , technologies are very necessary, it really affect to our life. It make people share information, do everything in a convenient way. Many technologies were invented or will be invented to just help people do less thing in their life. Its actually a thing which we can not live without. There are many technologies will be coming in this year, especially with Apple Watch, 3D-printing and Oculus Rift. These 3 things affect a lot to our life in the future. The first item is coming on April this year is Apple Watch. Apple Watch is invented by Apple Company also known as Smart Watch. You can use Apple Watch to check mail, text message, share information, location, phone calls, and something else. In general, Apple Watch is a small version of iPhone, but it has a smaller size and located on the user's wrist and it helps people express themselves in more personal ways. In addition, Apple Watch is also proved quite flexible with the basic features appear on the iPhone as a virtual assistant like Siri ( help people check weather, sport information, alarm, set reminders ), iMessage, phone calls and much more. The only problems with Apple Watch at the moment is still dependent on iPhone for all functions, however, it also makes iPhone user more efficient and convenient. It affects to our life about health and fitness, timekeeping, many ways to see time. Apple Watch is designed to help anyone who wears it. Living with a healthier life by being more active to improve their performance. Apple Watch brings the capabilities of fitness tracker and advanced sport watch in one device. It measures your body movement by tracking your heart or something in your body. Using Apple Watch will help people save countless precious time of day. It only takes a few seconds to accomplish what you want to do. Because it's connected to our calendar, contacts so we will be more efficient and productive. Finally, application developers will have the opportunity to participate in a new market with potential as Apple Watch. Oculus Rift - a Virtual reality. Virtual reality is a technology which allows a user to interact with a computer environment with imagined one. It can be enabled anywhere, anytime. It is achieved by presenting unique and parallel images for each eye. We can use it in medical, our social life and gaming applications. For example, we can practice training car or playing games in high virtual reality. Users can interact virtual environment through some input devices. The simulated environment can be similar to the real life, for pilot or war. It is really like entering into a video game, putting on the Oculus Rift make you see a