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Buddhism DBQ

Those associated with Buddhism seem to imply buddhism would offer great resources, those associated with confucianism were threatened by Buddhism, and others believed china could accommodate many philosophies at the same time. A document from a chinese peasant would help to give us a perspective of someone who didn't have a non­ political stance on the spread of buddhism. Documents 1 and 2, explained why Buddhism should be followed. They explain that by being a good Buddhist, you will be happy and reach Nirvana. The source in Document 1 was the Buddha and he was trying to persuade ,individuals to convert to Buddhism because that would bring him fame. The source in Document 2 was a confidant of
Chinese officials during a time of invasion. His goal was to try and give people a sense of stability and comfort because this was a time period where they were feeling unsafe and unsure. A new philosophy promising happiness gave people a reason to follow buddhism. In Documents 4 and 6, Buddhism is described as cruel and evil and is frowned upon.
The source from Document 4 said that the Buddha was peculiar and barbaric and did not adapt to the Chinese culture. The reason he was saying these things was because he worked for the Tang imperial court, which was Confucian and another growing philosophy that people put their faith in could have jeopardized his position in the government. The source in Document 6 was the emperor of the Tang empire, he was also confucian. He said that Buddhism was ruining the chinese customs, not wanting his