Why Did Khrushchev Nuclear Missiles In Cuba?

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1st October 2014
Why did Khrushchev nuclear
Missiles in Cuba? [8]

We know that Khrushchev placed nuclear missiles in Cuba but no one actually knows the specific reason to why he did it. In this question I will state my opinion on what I believe were his main reasons for placing these missiles in the small country of Cuba just south of the USA.
I don’t think that Khrushchev wanted to launch a nuclear war he just wanted to test Kennedy, to see how he would respond to the missiles. If he put the missiles there he knew that America couldn’t launch an attack on the USSR because the missiles could launch from Cuba and cause millions of casualties within America. Due to the incident at the Bay of Pigs were Kennedys attack had truly failed he wanted o see how weak America could be and if Kennedy was up to the job of such high power. However this wasn’t the best idea as it was very risky. If Kennedy was to launch one of his long range missiles from America to the USSR, a whole nuclear war would start and that would all be because he put the missiles in Cuba.
A further reason to why he placed the missiles in Cuba would be because he wanted to close the missile gap. The USSR believed that America had many larger weapons then they did. So in order to balance this out (and this also related to the last point made) he wanted to make sure that Kennedy wasn’t pressured into launching an attack on the USSR. He would be forced to not send the missiles and his will then make him look