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North America, the united states to be exact is known as the melting pot, full of a large mix of cultures all which can be tied to other countries ideas and traditions. Settlers from all over europe came to american soil to find new lives and new opportunities, and with them they brought a little piece of their homeland. There is so much history to America and how the many faces landed here and started their lives.There are stories of struggle, of politics, religion and dreams. But just as any story has its rises and falls with many lessons to learn, a story's success starts with the beginning.
The united states was originally started in a revolution which allowed pioneers to escape the british crown. After years of settling, a constitution was drafted in 1787 and helped establish a federal system that still stands today. The original natives of north america are made up of several native american tribes, but the majority of settlers in 1600’s came from british isles, and later on during the 1900’s a mass mix of cultures landed on Ellis island in hopes to be a part of the new world. Among these were Poles, Hungarians, Czechs, Serbs,
Slovaks and Greeks, along with non­Europeans from Syria, Turkey and Armenia. Currently It has been estimated that close to 40 percent of all current U.S. citizens can trace at least one of their ancestors back to Ellis Island.(###)
The united states can be split into five regions according to their position geographically. These regions are The Northeast, Southwest, West, Southeast and Midwest.
According to the Association of American Geographers, the southeastern part of the United
States is made up of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South
Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. (###)It was among these areas that settlers of british colonies and african slaves settled in the 17th century, and large groups of English,
Scots, Germans, French, and Acadians in later centuries. Although there were so many cultures that crashed into one another in these unfamiliar hills, it was music that played a language anyone could speak through.
In the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, “bluegrass’ refers to the flat lands between the
Appalachian ridges and the western border of the state. What many know ‘bluegrass’ as today is a form of music with roots that spread across the great southeast and even into other regions of the United states. No style of music has become more attached with the
Appalachia area and culture more than bluegrass, and a common myth is that bluegrass simply is traditional appalachian music.But it has often been noted that Bill Monroe, the acknowledged “Father of Bluegrass,” was actually from western Kentucky, and bluegrass is a fairly recent development, emerging only