1st Pregnancy Essay

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Shakita Puryear
Instructor Wright
August 10, 2013
First Pregnancy
One hot sunny day in April of 2004. I woke up sick as a dog. I couldn’t keep anything on my stomach and showed no signs of a cold or cough. So about two hours later I drove to the crisis pregnancy center on tenth and Emerson. I arrived at a little pink building with the blinds slightly opened. I was debating whether to go in or just say forget it. Well of course, I went in with fear just not knowing if I was pregnant or was I ready to be a mom. Now I’m here I should go ahead and stay. That’s what I was thinking in my head. So I took a deep breath and walked on in.

Well, I approached the check in window and explained what my visit is all about. I went on to tell her my symptoms of why I believe I was pregnant. Which was having morning sickness and also missing my menstrual cycle? Mrs. Scott went on to ask me questions. How long have I been experiencing sickness? When was my last menstrual cycle? I replied, I’ve been sick for about a month in a half now and my last menstrual cycle has been about two months. Mrs. Scott handed me a clip board along with some forms to fill out. Which I filled them out and returned them. She replied, it will be just a minute.
So I sat and waited for my name to be called. Mrs. Scott called my name ten minutes later. We walked in the door that leads to the back rooms. I walked in and seen it was bright and colorful. It has couches and a play area for someone who already has kids. A mini flat screen, books and magazines. The set up was very nice and comfortable. Then Mrs. Scott sat me down and asked further questions. Do I have any STD’s. if pregnant do I know who my child’s father is. Is the child father willing to take care of the baby? Will I keep the baby? If so do I have a support team. So to sum it all up. Yes to all the questions above.

Mrs. Scott proceeded to ask more questions that were deeper. Then she handed me a pregnancy test and showed me to the restroom. I stood in the doorway as she explained what I was supposed to do with it. I went into the restroom and followed the directions I was giving and returned back to the private room. So while we wait for the results. Im thinking so hard like what if or what if im not. I couldn’t sit still. I felt lost and anxious at that moment. She began to ask me about my religion. I replied, I’m a Christian I belong to all friends’ missionary Baptist church. My grandfather is my pastor. I have a aunt that is an evangelism. A few uncles that are deacons. My aunt leads the choir. I participate in the choir and sometime usher. I have always been in church since I was a kid. I thought that was different.
I’ve never been asked about my religion in public places. Then she went and got my test to find out what the results was. We walked back to the restroom. She explained what the lines meant on the test. One line meant negative and two lines meant positive. So she turned the test toward me so I can read it. It read positive. We looked at each other and then smiled. We walked back to the room to deliberate on the next step.

Mrs. Scott asked how I was feeling about the test results. I was just looking and smiling at her. I was at a loss for words. I could tell she was concerned. When she felt my joy she got excited along with me. She went on to say I looked happy.
I sound like I will be a great mother. She went on to ask who will support me. I replied my child’s father, my mother, and my grandmother. Many cousins and friends. She gave me a little more advice on parenting. We sat and looked at a chart that can tell you how far along you are based off your last menstrual cycle. I was almost 3 months.
I was shocked. so that answered my question. She asked did I have any more questions if not will you allow me to pray with you. I replied I will love that. We prayed. She offerd me a bible to take home aswell. I also had a pink folder full of parenting advice.