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The TQM Journal
What does ethical behaviour mean in management activities?
Claudio Baccarani

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Claudio Baccarani, (2008),"What does ethical behaviour mean in management activities?", The TQM
Journal, Vol. 20 Iss 2 pp. 154 - 165
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What does ethical behaviour mean in management activities?


University of Verona, Verona, Italy

Claudio Baccarani

Downloaded by University of Canberra At 18:56 01 April 2015 (PT)

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to revaluate the concept of ethics in management activity.
Design/methodology/approach – The approach is a literature analysis and case study.
Findings – From previous research, it has been inferred that the practice of ethics in management assures the vitality and the competitiveness of the firm. But during the last years, the word ethics has been used to explain too many situations, as a magic word, useful to solve any kind of problem. This excessive use has turn ethics into a word “full of emptiness” and now people try not to use it any more.
On the contrary, it is believed that ethics is a fundamental concept in management, even though people often ascribe different meanings to this word.
Research limitations/implications – The paper is the start up stage of this new approach.
Originality/value – On the basis of a recent work developed in an Italian firm, the paper answers the following questions: What does ethics really mean in management activity? How can management turn this concept into a concrete tool to action? What is the strategic profile of this “path”, looking for organizational excellence?
Keywords Ethics, Management technique, Management activities
Paper type Conceptual paper

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