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December 15, 2014
Greetings future AP students,

AP Human Geography has been a really fun class to be in over this last semester. One

of the only classes i can actually not be stressed in. AP human geography ac cxftually covered a lot of content. Like history , geographical locations (well...obviously, the way different cultures behave and how culture is spread, religion, and race and ethnicity. AP Human Geography is so effective because of the way it is embedded with things that are actually relative to life on the world we live in; and no...I don’t mean like how in trigonometry we can use sine and cosine values to find actual sound waves in music, or how in AP English you use rhetorical language to extract information from a fictional story (like when was that actually ever useful?), or how in AP
Biology anadiplosis is caused by cell signaling and quorum sensing in the body caused by transcription factors like...well you get the point. AP human geography isn’t just a class that you go to and forget everything you learn, it is a boiling pot of culture, language , ethnicities, and learning about things we seem to pass up in our day to day lives. For example , what is folk culture? The first thing I thought in my mind when I heard the term is a couple of Campbell tomato soup cans in fancy colors on a picture frame. Although I was leaning in the right direction, folk culture is deeper and more enriched than that; Native American clothing and garments, African tribes, and the Mexican day of the dead. These cultures that have been preserved for centuries ; how amazing we are as people to cling to are own heritage and values for such a long time. Or how about popular culture? The thing we live and breath everyday but we barely notice. Smartphones, e­mails, facebook...hold up I need to send this text...wait what was I talking about? Oh yeah! Popular culture is huge in America, and seeing how it spreads from region to region and learning about diffusion was one of the most interesting parts of this semester. It’s very little things I’ve found in this class less fascinating than toponyms. But since I can’t use that now, maybe the second most fascinating thing to me is understanding the state of affairs in ethnic and racial conflicts. Disunity is a serious thing now even in America, or should I say most especially. Eric Garner, Ferguson, the 12 year old shot by a police officer, and the news media keeping the stories in headlines. Not much civil unrest dates back as far as the ongoing racial tension in America