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Specific elements of essay: * Describe the Goals & objectives of my organisation * Understand the specific responsibilities of middle management in enabling an organisation to achieve its goals

Gareth Lewis Date: 12 June 2013
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This assignment has been produced to provide evidence of my organisations goals & objectives, the evidence provided gives clear distinction between the goals & objectives of my organisation.

The essay also includes essays on how my organisation shall meet its objectives & goals, and the specific responsibilities of middle managers in enabling my organisation to
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Ref: ABM Annual Plan 2013/2014 Final Draft
My organisation shall produce a Quality report for 2013/2014, this is a new WAG requirement for health boards, I have examined the last Quality report (2011/2012) it is evident that the timescales for all objectives/goals are to the last day of the financial year, I also observed that not all previous objectives are completed within the set timescales.
Page 5 Essay Subject: (Aim, Excellent Population Health) including Goals, Objectives | | | My organisation plans to introduce a Healthy lifestyle Promotion in conjunction with other | | health boards & agencies to tackle diet, exercise, smoking, substance misuse & teenage pregnancy issues within the population of Wales; however it has been recognised that economic changes external to the Health Board may have an adverse impact on the health of the population and there may be a need to take action with our partners to mitigate this possible barrier to us achieving our Goals/Objectives. there may also be difficult to measure progress related to Health Lifestyle aims. To address the issues of the risks associated with substance misuse it shall be part of a planned promotion in conjunction with other Health