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1st Body Paragraph Critics of Chris McCandless were wrong to think that Chris was a selfish individual. In fact, Chris is a kind and generous person. For starters ever since, Chris was in High School he helped many less fortunate than him. Krakauer writes: “On weekends, when his high school pals were attending “keggers” and trying to sneak into Georgetown bars, McCandless would wander the seedier quarters of Washington, chatting with prostitutes and homeless people, buying those meals, earnestly suggesting ways they might improve their lives.” (Krakauer 113). As we can see Chris could not spare watching people suffer. Hunger was one of the many injustices he could not stand. Again, before leaving society, Chris gave the rest of his college fund money to a charity OXFAM America. Those actions prove that Chris was generous. Even when he was planning his trip, he continues to help others for he gave his money to a good cause. Chris actions open doors for many who struggle with hunger. Clearly Chris was not oblivious to people pain. This gesture is definitely not one of a selfish individual. Moreover, another example of the big heart of Chris is when he was in Alaska. He just finished hunting a moose and he was starving but his remorse, was more of a weight than his hunger for he tried his best to preserve the meat. Unfortunately, all attempt fail and McCandless was forced to accept his defeat. He did not take it well. A passage in his journal tells us exactly how he felt: ‘“Henceforth will learn to accept, my errors, however great they be.” ’(Krakauer 167) . At that time Chris was in the wilderness in Alaska. Because of Gallien, the experienced hunters we know how hard it is to kill an animal let alone see one in Alaska. Chris spent days