Principles Of Providing Administrative Services

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CT183 Principles of Providing Administrative Services


Some large organisations have a post room (General Office) that sorts out incoming and outgoing mail. Usually if it is a large organisation they have a person/persons who are responsible for all of the mail. In small organisations everyone is responsible for their own mail.

In organisations like this it is important to follow the correct procedures when checking and sorting incoming mail or packages. If the procedures aren’t followed correctly there could be a mistake and someone in the organisation could be waiting for the arrival of an important document, the problems that usually occur if a mistake is made is that someone could receive the wrong mail or it could go missing completely.


There are many mail services that are available to organisations such as -

If the mail/package is an internal delivery they would be given: • Through the internal post system within the organisation • Email/phone designated person to let them know to come and collect it • By hand

If the mail or package is an external delivery there are also many services that the Royal Mail provides at different prices depending on the organisation and how much it requires such as: • Next day delivery which starts from 36p depending on which ‘Next Day Delivery’ service is required • The standard delivery service that they provide which starts from 75p depending on the service that is required…