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. Disruptive rings and keyboards clicking are just apart of almost every person’s daily life now. Who would have ever thought cell phone capabilities would become a problem in today’s society. When something is so popular there must be reminders for those inconsiderate people, who have a hard time shutting their phones off when needed. Mobile phones are something so little, and important these days, that with a small drop or misplacement can make almost anyone’s heart drop. In today’s society it is very difficult to get along without a mobile phone, and that’s why this essay will teach you the drive for all the reasons people have cell phones.
Mobile phones seem to be taking over our society, and little do people know the first sign of mobile phones were introduced in the 1940’s. The idea of mobile phones were first called amateur radio or more commonly called CB radios. Amateur radios are licensed and private use of designated radio bands, for purposes of private recreation, non-commercial exchange of messages, experimentation, self-training, and emergency communication. These devices were mainly used in taxis, police cars, and other emergency vehicles. Semi drivers also used this capability to communicate. With the new boost of radio communications, the next thing we know these first signs of mobile phones would advance to something almost every person cannot live without. The Motorola Company introduced the first mobile phone in 1983. This first device was called the DynaTAC 8000X. This device weighed twenty-eight ounces, was ten inches high, not including the large flexible whip antenna. They referred to this device as the first generation (1g). With the advancement to mobile phone things were really going to change, yet these devices were very large in size and inconvenient. The proposition for these first devices was to be able to communicate with other traffic. Another down fall was the devices were expensive usually costing more then a couple hundred dollars. The first devices used analog technology. Analog technology is recorded wavelength in their original form, also defined as a type of signal that encodes voice, video, or data transmitted over wire or over-the-air that is commonly represented as an oscillating wave. An analog signal may vary in frequency in response to changes in physical phenomena, such as sound, light, heat, position, or pressure. (www.dtv.gov/glossary.html). For example when someone is using a tape recorder the signal is taken straight from the microphone and put directly on the tape. The wave from the microphone is an analog wave, and therefore the wave on the tape is analog as well. When using analogy technology the devices struggled with great deals of static interference. The second generation of mobile phones was introduced in the 1990’s. Also the first mobile call was made using digital technology. Digital signals convert analog waveforms into sets of numbers, recording the numbers instead. When played back, the numbers are converted into a voltage stream that approximates the original analog wave. This was a great stride for the techs because digital technology made the devices