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2.5 Food Safety Work File

Directions: Complete the food safety interactive quiz. Use the information from the interactive quiz to complete the following responses regarding food safety practices.

For each of the following food safety practices, share at least 2 statements from the interactive quiz. Be sure to put these statements in your own words and explain why they are helpful in preventing food borne illness. An example would be: When dining from a buffet, make sure hot food is hot and cold food is cold. Food that is 40 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit has already begun to grow bacteria and pathogens.

Clean (16 points):
1.Always wash your hands after you handle raw meat,poultry and eggs, because you can find bacteria in raw meat and poultry, therefore you should alway wash your hands.

2.. When you are preparing fresh vegetables for dinner , you should rinse them under ruinning tap water, before eating cutting and cooking them, because rinsing reduce the amount of bacteria.

Separate (16 points):
1. You should always separate your frech food with raw meat and cooked food, because raw meat can transfer bacteria to the other food.

2. Remember never place you cooked chicken the same platter that had the raw chicken,without washing it,because there might be bacteria in the platter.

Cook (16 points):
1. A way to know if a hamburger is safely cooked, is using a thermometer and the hamburger reaches a safe minimun internal temperature pf 160 degree F, because the temperature kill bacteria.

2. Bacteria can be founf in raw meat and poultry, you always wash them,before cooking.

Chill (16 points):

1 .If you left your cooked food on the counter…