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The Brain

Dr. Susanne Schmid
Anatomy & Cell Biology susanne.schmid@schulich.uwo.ca MSB470

The Human Brain

Pia mater (opaque)

The Meninges
Connective Tissue
• Dura mater
• Arachnoid
• Pia mater

Dura mater

Blood vessels in the arachnid

The Meninges


The Blood Brain Barrier
• O2, CO2 and certain lipophilic substances can pass • Other substances have to be actively transported

*Multiple Sclerosis

The Meninges

Causes blood brain barrier *Meningitis

The Meninges
Nervous tissue white matter

Spinal cord

Pia mater

Dura mater was lost in this picture.
Both ae H&E stains

The Human Brain

The Neural Tube

Formation of Neural tube surface Organization of the Brain

Head end of the tube


Cerebrum & Cerebellum sulcus Sulci & Gyri

White and Gray Matter

White matter


Grey matter: neuron soma, axons, dendrites,
Synapses, glia, (neuropil), blood vessels
White matter: axon, myelin, glia, blood vessels

Grey matter


Organization of the Cortex

Neural cell bodies H&E stain section

I molecular layer
II external granular layer

III external pyramidal cell layer
IV inner granular layer

V inner pyramidal cell layer

VI multiform
(polymorphic) cell layer

Stained fibers (myelinated white matter)…stains dark

Huge apical dendrite going all the way up to the molecular layer
Huge dendrites of layer V cells going up to layer I
Axon of the pyramidal cell
You an tell this is layer V because of the large cell bodies.