Quiet As A Mouse Short Story

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Quiet as a Mouse by: Sarah Moras

I hear you shouting through the walls, you think I’m tucked in bed, but I’m waiting on the stairs quiet as a mouse.

I hear the BANGS and CRASHES of objects hitting the walls, that instead were meant to hit my mother but still I wait quiet as a mouse.

I see the tears streaming down her face, like the Niagra Falls we saw last spring.
You say “We have something to tell you” but still I wait quiet as a mouse.

I feel the front door slam like a giant shaking our house.
You tell me I have to choose to stay or to leave but still I wait quiet as a mouse.

I hold the letter addressed to me from the authorities.
It says “Pack light. We are coming to get you tomorrow.”
But still I wait quiet as a mouse.

I don’t see the policeman come to collect me, asking “Is the child here?” because I chose to leave quiet as a mouse.
quiet as a mouse.

I am Alone by: Sarah Moras

I am alone and it’s all your fault.
You left me so now I have a new family

I am alone because you couldn’t take care of me.
I tried to fix it, but no one listens to a child in reality.

I am alone and you are to blame.
The feeling is like a knife sawing through your bones.

I am alone as an abandoned cat.
I try to talk to them,
But all they seem to hear is a loud BUZZZZZZ

I am alone
But was it really all you?
I want to find out,