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Social Problems and Solutions Chart
Social Problem of the Industrial Age
How was the Social Problem addressed during the Industrial Age (social movement, law, etc.)?
Was the Social Problem addressed successfully? Be sure to support your opinion with evidence from the lesson or your research.
Is the Social Problem still an issue today? How?

Child Labor

An spokeswomen: Mary Harris "Mother" Jones
The social problem wasn't fully addressed. The lesson claims that the problem was overlooked and so were the higher wages they asked for.

It is not, because now the youngest they can hire is 14, many starting at 18. There's an importance on working conditions and Breaks!

Gap Between rich and poor

Social Gospel Movement
This was the beginning of social work and the people who believed the social gospel did help the less fortunate.
Social work is now an actual career choice and the less fortunate have many groups and fundraisers for them from the upper class too.
Tenement Houses

Settlement Houses
Hull Houses

There were homes for many immigrants that even included a library, kindergarden, and post office.

Department of Health and Human Services agency responsible for monitoring the safety and wellbeing of children.

1. What are your reasons for volunteering? She has a heart for the poor and doesn't see a more worthy cause. No degree but she says "you don't need a degree to help people."
2. What is the purpose of the organization for which you volunteer? To help people get grocery food, clothing, breakfast and lunch, and medical help if they can.
3. What duties do you perform to aid the organization? She is in charge of all the buildings. Organization, maintenance of food supply, the employees below her, often in the kitchen too.
4. Why is such an organization needed in your community? In Immokalee many are very poor. Many times their drinking water must be boiling because it's not safe to drink. Many can’t even boil water.
5. What rewards do you receive from your volunteer work? She is rewarded everyday by the smiles she receives and the satisfaction that more will eat tonight or have proper clothes to wear.