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Biomes Research Directions: Using the websites provided and the Powerpoint presentation on LEARN, you will conduct research on one of the biomes listed. Please complete all sections to the fullest extent. Be sure to make a copy and place it in your shared folder before beginning the assignment. This way, it is already turned in! Please complete the research page by the beginning of the period on Monday. Biome List:
1. Aquatic
3. Deserts
5. Deciduous Forest
7. Savannahs

2. Grasslands
4. Tropical Rainforest
6. Tundra
8. Temperate Forest

Web Resources: http://www.ucmp.berkely.edu/glossary/gloss5/biome http://kids.nceas.ucsb.edu/biomes/ ­ scroll down and click on the biomes in the table for more information. http://blueplanetbiomes.org/world_biomes.htm ­ Beneath the map, you click on the biome links. http://enchantedlearning.com/biomes/ ­ click on the links to obtain more information on each biome. http://www.worldbiomes.com/ ­ information on 5 major biomes.

**Complete a research page for your biome. Also, identify and create a food web of varying organisms that are found in this biome. This can be done using Google Drawing. Biome Name:
Continents/Countries where biome is found:
Average Temperature in Summer and Winter:
Average Precipitation in Summer and Winter:
Plants that live in Biome:
Animals that live in Biome:
Adaptations of Plants/Animals in Biome:
Key features or distinct information about Biome:
Threats to the Biome (i.e. Invasive species, etc.):

Saul Suazo
Period 2
Rainforest Biome Project
The tropical rainforest is a beautiful lush land. It contains beautiful greenery and wonderful wild life. For many, a journey here would be a dream come true. There is always something to look at in this beautiful forest that many different species of animals call home. Not only are there a large assortment of animals, there is also an abundance of plants. Tropical rainforests are still mysterious, scientists believe there are still thousands of animals and plants living here that have yet to be discovered.
Rainforests are found in plenty of areas. Rainforests are lined up on the equator.
There are numerous continents on which rainforests ly. The continents that they are in are Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.The names of the Rainforests are the
Olympic, Central America, Congo River Basin, Madagascar, Southeast Asia, and my personal favorite, the Amazon. These rainforests are amazing to see and study.
Rainforests are generally hot areas. They have the same average temperature all year. The reason for this is because they are at the equator, they absorb all of the suns heat year round. The only thing that cools down the rainforests is the incredible amount of rain they receive. The rainforests average 77 degrees fahrenheit. It might not seem like a lot, but the humidity in this area is very intense.
The precipitation is high in Rainforests. The average precipitation of tropical rainforests ranges from 50 to 260 inches. The reason for this is because most often, the

rain does not even reach the ground. Leaves and greenery act as shields. It then evaporates, causing a lot of humidity in the forests.
Rainforests contain an incredible amount of plant life. Some scientists speculate that because the forests are so thick, there are some left undiscovered. Plants that have been discovered however are incredibly amazing. One plant known as Lianis, starts as a small shrub. This plant starts at the base of the rainforest, but it collects other vines and shrubs, building and forming itself to be an amazing looking creature. The rainforest and its vegetation are shocking and beautiful.
Animals in these biomes are amazingly diverse. There are an insane amount of incredible animals that live in the rainforests. One example is the coypu. This is a semi aquatic rodent that originated in South America. Another