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Zachary Staats
BIBL 324
October 24, 2014
2 Timothy
Hello Timothy my son, I Paul, an aspostle of Jesus by God’s will ask for grace, mercy and peace from God to be given to you. Like my ancestors, I give thanks to God, and pray for you every day. I know you are sad, and I pray for happiness for you. I remember the faith that was in your grandmother and mother and is now in you. I want to remind you to grow in the spirit, it is not a fearful spirit, but a powerful one of love and self-control. Don’t be shameful of the good news of Jesus or of myself, even though I am in prison. I want you to suffer for the gospel by God’s power too. We were saved from sin for a reason, it wasn’t anything that we did, but because of his own reasons. We now know what these reasons are because of his death and resurrection. We must spread this good news even if it causing us suffering like it has caused me. Remember what I have taught you, and guard what has been entrusted to you. Don’t forget about the men that didn’t help me, Phygelus and Hermogenes. I hope that Onesiphorus is blessed by God because he helped me
I want you to be strengthened by Jesus and what you have heard me preach. Be a good soldier for Christ. A soldier tries to please his enlister, and doesn’t get caught up in the lives of civilians. Be like an athlete that plays by the rules, or a hard working farmer. Ponder these things, Jesus will help you understand. Even though I am in chains for preaching that Jesus has risen, it does not mean the gospel is in chains. I suffer all of these things for those who we will reach for Christ. If we die with him, we will live with him, if we endure with him, we will reign with him, if we deny him, he will deny us, and if we are faithless, he will still be faithful. Christ is always faithful to himself.
Remind the others not to argue because when Christians argue, other nonbelievers don’t like it. Try your best to be upright and approved by God. Don’t talk about useless things, it only brings ungodliness, and those words spread like disease. Hymenaeus and Philetus are a couple people who are speaking of these useless things. They are telling false things about the second coming. Make sure to keep yourself as a clean vessel to be used by the LORD. I want you to flee your youthful passions and pursue what is good. Don’t fight with people and be patient with people. Correct them lovingly and gently.
Be careful, there will be people who come in the final days that are evil and godless. They will love the world and not God. Avoid these people. These people prey on the weak ones and lead them away from the faith. They are like Jannes and Jambres, the men who were against Moses. Don’t worry though, they will be