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Zachary Bragg
Period 4
AP US History
Mr. Bonelli
After the beginning of the newly formed country of America, there was a time period that would be known as the “Era of Good Feelings”. This name was given by Benjamin Russell a journalist who worked for the Boston Newspaper. The defeat of over the British again in the War of 1812, the moral of the country was at an all-time high. The debates over different policies and differences were put aside and everybody in the country instead spent their time trying to push for the advancement of the country. Biggest issue was getting America to be respected by the rest of European countries. Sectionalism of the north and south states settled, and America was the upcoming nation on the rise. The good feelings didn’t just happen overnight, but was the result of hard diplomatic talks. America has always face problems and that was no different during this time period either. What made this time period stand out was the faced that there was some sense of unity. There was a progression and seen the growth in which had potential to make America into being a great nation. Era known for its great ideas on everything that would help the prosperity of citizens. The War of 1812 was a great way for Americans to feel that their country would be a perfect place for them. War of 1812 was magnified more when Andrew Jackson helped play a major role in the victory. The War of 1812 which was declared by Madison, was a mistake and shouldn’t have happened. But due to the fact that Americans have always been built off the great patriotic faith to the country banded together to win battles of New Orleans and Horseshoe Bend. These victories made political rivals in Washington D.C drop their own ideas and realize that their love for America was way more important at this time. With patriotism in mind, next came that America need to expand not only as a country but economically also. The change of the way the stock market went and turned into a manufacturing nation. America gained economic prosperity which helped give some prestige to the national government. The Republicans out federalized the Federalism by finding a way to help the government grow. In 1811, the charter for the first national bank expired and America needed a way control, maintains, and produce money for the country. State banks were thriving and maintained their states but with no regulation from a national bank, money from states and trading with other states really had no value. The biggest problem during this time was that gold couldn’t be exchanged for gold. Gold although with a specific value, money from these banks had an unknown value. This angered citizens and causing it to be the biggest discussion in Congress. It took a long time because this became a heated battle. It took 5 five years for the Congress to approve of a second national bank that was set to be located in Philadelphia. After the victory in the War of 1812, the British sent over a ton of cheap goods. But these goods were taken as a gift but rather as shot to destroy and mess up this young prospering economy. Protective Tariffs then were put in place because young companies and industries wanted to protect themselves, the self-interest of the manufactures, and really had a desire to expand their industries to other countries other than England. Tariff of 1816 was to help protect industry against foreign competition revenue rather than to…