2003 in Literature and Help Hassan Essay

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As we know, Hassan got raped and Amir had the power to prevent that from happening. Unfortunately, he sat back, watched and did nothing to help Hassan. Amir was even more selfish by thinking that something might happen to him if he tried to help Hassan. This one event changed the whole book and twisted and turned it around. Relationships changed and shattered because of this. But, if Amir had the power to travel back in time and change one choice that made, would he change the fact that he didn’t help Hassan? Amir’s conscience constantly haunted him of what he could have prevented. Personally, I think that Amir would change the fact that didn’t help Hassan. This decision would actually have benefited him in many ways. First of all, he wouldn’t have constantly been bothered by the fact that he just left Hassan, and his conscience would have been clean. Second, he would have ultimately earned Baba’s respect because he would have actually fought back to people for once, and Baba would be proud of that. Third, Amir might have chased off Assef and his gang once and for all, so they might have finally left Amir and Hassan alone. Lastly, Amir would have generally improved his relationship with many people and he might have even earned more respect from others. If Amir did go back in time, changed his decision, and helped Hassan, this would have completely changed the book. Amir’s relationship with Hassan would have improved and Amir might have finally called Hassan his…