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496 Regency Rd
Enfield SA 5085

Ms Anne Moffat
Chief Executive Officer
Grove Park Council
12 Grove Rd
Grove Park SA 5098

18 October 2005

Dear Ms Moffat, 

The council has announced that the old town hall will be demolished. As a young adult of the Grove Park community, I am writing to suggest building a park on the old site in Market Square.

Although our Grove Park community has a high number of elderly people as well as children, there is no park in this area. Local people need a safe space for walking, exercise and other outside activities. Without such a space, children develop the habit of watching television or playing computer games rather than getting healthy exercise. As a result, obesity is becoming a big issue for our community.

Furthermore, the local health care centre is also concerned that the rate of sick elderly people in our community is increasing quickly due to the lack of exercise facilities. Unfortunately for many elderly people, the only local entertainment is the hotel, where people can either gamble on poker machines or dine on unhealthy food. A park where people can relax or exercise is much needed in our community.

I strongly recommend that a park with facilities which will support outdoor activities should be developed in order to improve the health and wellbeing of our elderly and young citizens.

Yours sincerely,

Trinh Le

Trinh Le

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123 Fourth Rd
Parkville, SA 5123

Lord Mayor
Adelaide City Council
1 King William Rd
Adelaide, SA 5000

18 October 2005

Dear Lord Mayor,

I am writing to suggest improvements for city cyclists, commuters and residents. I ride my bicycle to and from my city university campus, and I have recently been in an accident. The creation of safe bicycle paths would improve safety as well as the city environment.

The narrow roads in the city